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O12 Nutrition Online Store

The company has grown over the years. O12 products can now be purchased not only in gyms, but also in major chain stores in Moscow.


The first site coped with the tasks of a start-up company, but new products, promotional materials appeared, and the number of orders grew so much that a simple form was no longer enough.

Предыдущий сайт

We proposed to make an online store that can be improved and complicated over time.

The site is powered by wordpress with the woocommerce plugin.

The plugin provides all the necessary functionality for a web store, including discounts, coupons, stock counting.

The main page is now not just an ice cream slideshow, but information about new products, a story about the brand and the company that makes it, and partner stores where you can buy products.

Internal advertising banners for each product category.

Product page

To begin with, as with all online stores, we worked on the product page. I wanted to make everything more accessible and bigger. In addition, beautiful photos have appeared since the first site.

Product catalog page

There are not so many products at the moment, we decided to make a dynamic filter instead of splitting into subgroups.

If necessary, if you open each section of the filter in a new tab, then each type of product has its own unique page.

Cart, checkout, payment

Worked through all the steps of the order. We added a block with an additional discount directly to the cart.

Illustrations for other sections.

“We get to know you and treat you with our products”
“Concluding an agreement”
“We deliver products on our own vehicles”

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This project was done in 2018

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