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Packing of oatmeal ice cream О12 Green

O12 Green is a new line of plant-based ice cream that is a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional dairy products.

Ice cream is made on the basis of oats and is ideal for adults and children, vegetarians and vegans. There are three flavors in the line – classic oatmeal, strawberry and chocolate.

For the new product, we updated the O12 logo and made a packaging design that conveys the natural composition of ice cream. Since oatmeal ice cream does not contain milk, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation it cannot be called ice cream, and this has become a kind of challenge – to talk about the product without naming it. We placed visual images of ice cream on the packaging so that the buyer could read the contents without a signature.

The logo and taste of ice cream are duplicated on the top valve of the package, which adds mobility when exposing the product to different cold chambers.

Photographer — Diana Nagornaya

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This project was done in 2023

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