Just Be Nice Studio

Just Be Nice Studio is a team of professionals who are in love with design and consider it their life’s work. We like to work with people who, like us, believe in the power of design — together we create a comfortable and beautiful living environment.

Just Be Nice studio was founded in 2007 by Igor Kiselev and Stas Khrustalev, frontmen, art directors and permanent players of the team. Over the years, we have collaborated with dozens of excellent professionals and have accumulated fantastic professional experience.

We are convinced that quality design changes lives. And we hope that our 200+ projects have helped make the world a better place.

Just Be Nice is a philosophy of small actions that lead to big results. We believe that if you are more attentive to yourself and others, you can achieve a lot. Because even seemingly imperceptible details change us and our way of thinking.


Studio clients

In 16 years, we have completed 251 projects. Collected experience with different formats and tasks. We are still working with many clients:

Logotypes, space and website design.

Event, packaging and website design.

Design of promotional materials and interfaces.

2 projects

Design of exhibitions and special projects.

3 projects

Brand Design Support 2014−15

Studio internal projects


We release Just Be Nice stickers several times a year. Each set contains three pieces that are united by one theme and created by different authors.


Music always has a positive effect on the work of our studio, so every season we release our collections of our favorite tracks.